Fickle Behavior

Lately I’ve noticed that my online consumption is similar to my food consumption.  My eating habits happen in waves, particularly breakfast and lunch.  I get on a kick – and watch out, it’s a breakfast of steel cut oats for two months. (By the way, have you tried them overnight?)

Similarly, my online use has its own ebb and flow.  Whether it be Facebook or Twitter, Pinterest or blogging – I get sucked into one venue and then it’s crickets everywhere else.  Perhaps it is the rabbit hole nature of the internet?  Or maybe just a character flaw?

As a designer, my fickle nature is both a blessing and a curse.  There is always a new idea on the horizon, a new project on the table, a fresh concept to explore.  Ideas are always perfect in the beginning, fickleness arrives when the imperfection show its face.  It’s a continuous battle to explore the ideas that produce something worthy to share with the world.  But, it might be better to listen to this guy more often.


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