Perpetual Calender, Overview

The perpetual calendar is a marriage of two contrasting materials, a salvaged timber beam and colorful transparent acrylic tags.  The calendar is part art and part function.  It represents this year and all of the years to come.  It can be an eternal reminder, functioning as a birthday and anniversary calendar.  It is a manifestation of a metaphor, a beautiful and perennial heirloom.

The calendar is made using a combination of digital production tools and handmade skills.  To use, the owner may choose to mark the acrylic tags as desired with notes or doodles to signify important dates.  (As an example, “2004 – Sophia” to remember a birthday.)  Each tag is unique to the day of the year and is simply toggled by hand each day.  Moving through the year is a tactile experience, much like crossing out the days on a paper calendar.

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